Online Training

The Zeotec cleaning courses provide a comprehensive education pathway for the cleaning industry.

The courses are packed with valuable information providing real opportunities for cleaning and hospitality staff to develop new skills.

Why use online training:

  • Online training provides real outcomes at a price everyone can afford.
  • Simple to use and packed with valuable, industry relevant information.
  • Enroll any time of day or night – enroll and pay by credit card online and start your course immediately.
  • Rigorous assessment. At the completion of each section the learner must complete 5-10 multiple choice questions. Should any answers be incorrect the learner is informed of the incorrect answers and has to repeat the questions again. The order of multiple choice answers is mixed/rotated each time a learner completes a section.
  • After completing a section of the course the results are saved online. Users can log on and off the courses as often as they like. Users have 12 months to complete a course and the course can be accessed for 12 months after the date of enrollment.
  • Zeotec Pro induction training provides documentary evidence of both training and assessment, protecting the employer Zeotec Pro obligations and providing rigorous employee training.
  • There are currently 14 online courses covering all basic aspects of cleaning Zeotec Products
  • At the completion of any course the learner is automatically sent a certificate.
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